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A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, I am so happy to observe how hardly you work to become the next Haitian President. You know already so many candidates wanted to be at that position but what we need right now is honesty and a system of development for... more »

Jobs, Basic Services, Accountability and Responsab

Jobs, Basic Services, Accountability and Responsability Dear Mr. President, Again congratulations for your new position. Allow me to speak freely and express myself from the bottom of my heart. First, Mr. President, if deep down you believe that... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, Congradulation again,I admire your your movements for the change that need to take place in Haiti. I know you cannot do everything in 5 or 10 yrs but you could start something now. I mean trying do the simplest thing to... more »

RE: Obama ak Martelly "2 pil a a" It's by design.

This is a new era. It is time to stop complaining about flibusters, and pirates. You just have to put more security to watch over your country. Some tourists just come to relax, to meet new people.You just have to learn English and start... more »

RE: Martelly Please Stop CNN and NBC News From Posting Bad Pictures of Haiti on the Internet

There is no shame in posting the bad sides of Haiti. This is a New Era of truth telling. The haitian television, CNN and NBC should should show Haiti and its problems to the world, so the world can help solve these problems. Right now,the haitian... more »

RE: Le Président de la République promeut l'investissement en Haïti au 10ème Forum Economique Mondial sur L'Amérique Latine

Haiti is going forward for the economic development in every department in Haiti. Haiti needs to create factory jobs for his unemployed people who are risking their life at sea every year. Haiti needs a Coalition against poverty in every... more »

RE: President Martelly - Visite d'évaluation des travaux d'infrastructure Aéroport International Toussaint Louverture

Congratulations for the reconstruction of the International Airport Toussaint Louverture in Port au Prince. Airplanes from all over the world should fly to Haiti every day to develop tourism in Haiti. Haiti one airport in the North, one in the... more »

RE: Crise Haitienne

Happy New Year 2015. Stop opposition, stop corruption. Haiti needs peace to go forward with rebuilding the country. This president is doing a good job rebuilding the country in every department. Haiti returns to prayer, not to opposition and... more »

RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

Haiti needs International partners to create jobs in Haiti. Haiti cannot stay alone in ignorance speaking creole, fighting against each other. Haiti needs a Marriot hotel in the North, the South, Holiday Inn in every department for tourists to... more »

Shopping malls in every sector in Port au Prince

Haiti needs shopping malls in every sector in Port au Prince. Haiti should build shopping malls to rent small business owners like they do in Kings Plaza, in every department, Build shopping malls to get rid of the flea markets on sidewalks along... more »

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