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Haiti will be Pearl des Antilles forever

The kind of changes I want To see in Haiti are : 1 - Security 2 - Restore the Army 3 - The centraliser Haiti 4 - Clean country 5 - Jobs 6 - Respect 7 - Love for each other more »

RE: Shopping malls in every sector in Port au Prince

I totally agree with the shopping mall in Haiti and I believe that it can get done just a little help because i am willing to collect and get in the process of Building this shopping that will bring a lot of jobs. more »

RE: Le Président de la République en visite de développement à l'île-à-Vache

Congratulations, Haiti is going forward with Agriculture. Haiti should plant more mangos, lemons, watermelons, pumpkins, yams, tapioca, eggplants, coffee, cocoa, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, all types of beans, corn, coconut, avocados, sugarcane... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, I would like to see my people with better jobs, education, living and heath facilities. more »


We need in haiti right now more sanitary system,hospital, airport,each province,toll,every 100 milles,arena every province,pay tax,police secret,more ambulance,fire station every15 miles,lights, more »

Haiti - Good Job President Martelly...

I CONGRATULATE YOU MR President for the good jobs you are doing and I want you to know I always pray for you and your staff. may God bless you! more »

RE: NGO Jobs In Haiti for Whites/Foreigners Only; Haitians need not Apply!!

I am Sri Lankan pass port holder. I would like to work in Haiti. Please send me a e mail address to send my CV more »

RE: For Haitians Who Are Looking For Jobs In Haiti

It's look like you never satisfied,never happy. I keep telling you to adjust your mind settings,trust me,you will be happy some day if not you will be sorry. If you don't mind clear your head with the Duvalierists. We are here to stay this time. more »

RE: Le gouvernement déplore la mort de 21 compatriotes

Haiti needs a minimum wage of at least $2 to $3 an hour to prevent the hopeless boat people from risking their life at sea. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, welcome to create jobs in Haiti to reduce poverty in Haiti. more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, First and formost, congrats on winning this election. Being of high power comes a lot of reponsibility and reading some of the changes you want to bring to Haiti are very good, like the ECCOG plan, reducing Haiti's carbon... more »

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