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RE: NGO Jobs In Haiti for Whites/Foreigners Only; Haitians need not Apply!!

I m sri lankan now live in haiti delmas pleas i neet job pleas help me my phone number 44052496 pleas... more »

RE: Le carnaval national déroulé au Cap-Haïtien, une réussite totale

Sure, the departments, North, South, and West need an airport and hotels for tourists from all walks of life to come to carnivals twice a year in Haiti and to develop tourism and real estate and to create jobs in Haiti. more »

How To Build The Economy

Dear Mr. President: My ideas to you are, first of all, to look for a company that provides mass transit such as a train, to operate in the region of Carrefour to the capital, plus another one from the capital to Petionville, and then from Croix des... more »

RE: Mango from Haiti

Haiti needs Carvel Ice cream machines in every department to create jobs making delicious ice cream. Now, you can make all types of flavors of ice cream for diabetes people with equal or sucarol. more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, Congratulations President matelly. I am very serious and honest with you. I do not need any job from you. The only thing I need from you is a call to dialog and I will bring to you all entrepreneurs who can invest in Haiti... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, I seize the opportunity to congratulate you on your victory in the last elections of March 20, 2011. You had really given a strong performance during the last electoral debate and Haitians in all parts of Haiti would love... more »

RE: Ne vous laisse pas faire, monsieur le president

I think things are the same all over Florida, Tiba. Indeed it's a sad thing. I know many people who have lost their jobs here. Now, of course, if u are in the health industry, this is the place to be. They always need nurses and people to take care... more »

RE: Haiti - Saison cyclonique 2015 : PM Evans Paul lance un appel à la conscientisation, engagement, sensibilisation et vigilance...

Haiti should strong houses in brick for sales. It is hurricane season in all the Caribbean, in Florida, not only in Haiti, even in the USA. Haiti needs Assisted Living Assistance for retired Haitians working overseas to vacation in Haiti in the... more »

Haitian Oligarchy Is Against Zoomorphism Politics of The Advanced World:

You and I are criticizing this oligarchy every day, but we never step back to find out where they have reason within this mafia world. They are against the metamorphose meaning the transformation of human beings into animals as the advanced world... more »

RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

Sure, Haiti should get out of ignorance. Haiti learns to read, Haiti cannot do much by himself speaking creole. Haiti must speak French, English, Spanish, etc. Open Haiti to the world. Haiti maximizes your potential. Haiti must modernize the way he... more »

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