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Prezidan Martelly I have been following the declarations of the senator Lambert as well of Moise Jean-charles. Keep your serenity, do not let them get under your skin. You have some options use them. add some elder to your entouraj those who can... more »

Michel Martelly's Triple Nationality In Question By Senator M. Jean-Charles

According to Senator Moise Jean-Charles, Mr. Martelly is currently holding three nationalities, which are U.S., Italy and Haiti. Mr. Jean-Charles wants the Haitian Senate to accuse Mr. Martelly and put him on trial for that. Is Mr. Moise... more »

RE: PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly debake nan MILOT, peyi Moise Jean-Charles

Mwen pansé se te yon bèl initiative ke president J.Michel M. te fè, sa montré ke president nou an gen anpil lanmou minm pou moune ki pa renmen l more »

Le President michel martelly est 100% ha

Le President Michel martelly ne veut surtout pas rentrer dans le jeux de moise Jean Charles more »

Disatisfied Diaspora

Dear Mr. President i am a disatisfied diaspora. This is the second time you have wronged me. I posted several important posts about racial equality. I also spoke the truth regarding moise jean charles and Haarp. But you deleted my post. You also... more »

RE: FDR's Message: Il Faut Toujours Soulever Les Va-Nu-Pieds D'Haiti Contre Les Gens a Souliers

Haitians need to understand FDR's message which is dividing Haitian people to maintain their dominance over Haiti and that is why they have Moise Jean-Charles and Belizaire. Dividing Haitians is easy and money plays a big role into that. more »

Martelly ak Obama, 2 president ki pi chèlbè nan Monde la

Vraie ou Faux? President Haitien Michel Martelly ak President etazini Barack Obama se de president ki pi chèlbè nan monde la. Yo tou lede gen menm pwoblem tou wi. En Haiti, President Martelly gen yon opposition ak yon Moise Jean Charles... more »

RE: Who is Stanley Lucas?

No Stanley Lucas is one of the most important haitian living out side of haiti. You need to be at school to love someone like Stanley. You also need to be able to understand what he's saying to love him. So moun ki ekri bagay sa a se Pete Moise... more »

Mr President

My name is Hans Moise directly related to Rudy Moise Rossini his father's my dads uncle!I personally never thought you would ever make it to become president due to the dirty process those guys were using to sabotage the last presidential... more »