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RE: Haiti - Un Dernier Message au President Michel Martelly...

Prézidan Martelly fè yon trè bon travay, mwen paka tan sé lèl pa Prézidan ankò pou map di sé li ki té pi bon, oswa li té yon bon Prézidan. Fasonm konpran ni, sil té fè 15 ans ap... more »

RE: PHOTO: President Martelly rankontre ak Barack Obama Jamaica

Martely tal dil mesi pask li pat Moise voyel ale more »

double nacionalite supoze change

DEAR sr lesse les diasporas aide HAITI.President Martelly est bien is oke. God bless/Mre Michel Mesieur Moise est jalouse. more »

RE: Michel Martelly's Triple Nationality In Question By Senator M. Jean-Charles

Don't be too passionate about Haitian politics and nothing will change for real in Haiti. With Martelly, a non politician, Haiti can move a little bit forward. We will see a few things accomplished because the Haitian elites are helping him. Haiti... more »

Without Justice Haiti will remain poor

Justice is a key of development any country I am serious I mean look at the justice system in the west if u committed a crime u go jail but in Haiti if u are rich or ur family members are part of the government u can get away with any crimes even... more »

Cérémonie de décoration du Dr René Charles, président de la FHADIMAC (Invitation à la Presse)

Port-au-Prince, vendredi 14 Novembre 2014 : Le Bureau de Communication de la Présidence invite la presse parlée, écrite et télévisée à la cérémonie de décoration du Dr René Charles... more »

Operation Charles Baudelaire. The 5 Gourdes question on Guy philippe

Guy Philippe is most wanted or is the most watched assassin? Les paradis artificielles = The artificial paradise by Charles Baudelaire. For those that don't know much about french literature this book is about mood altering chemicals aka... more »

RE: La verite partielle n'est pas entierement la verite

Bien possible, Bien possible Esposito, En tout cas Nap Swiv...Payi a tounin you terrin football. Michy Avant Point Moise Arier Central ' Nap gade ki yes kab bay goal avan! more »

RE: Haitian Vitamin-News 06 January 2012-Part-A-

Correction: Previously I said that Martelly has made an emergency visit to Senator Moise house. This was incorrect. Michel Martelly went to Joseph lambert's house. Li te aler kay Lambert. more »

"L'Homme Du Peuple" could He become the next man after God's heart?

Son Excellence President Michel Martelly, how often do we hear "not to judge a book by its cover!" You are a perfect example for this quote. Better yet, the great book also reminds us that "while man judge from the outside apearance... more »

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