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RE: Ann reflechi sou demagoji Senate Moise vle fe a.

Nou tout se ayisyen nou ye eske w dako si genyen Jon moun ki genyen doub nastyonalite ki pou gere peyi nou, si l gen dout sou nastyonalite nou sa yo, se nou moun sa yo pi pou defann tete yo da an nation yon bay Bon Jan prev pou nou pa ton beton nan... more »

To honorable president martelly

Plume pa bouge yon yota pap soti nan cinq ans president martelly a eske ouer nerg sa yo ap pap kite payi a mache bondye voye yon bon president konsa au lieu pou mete terte avec li pou fer peyi a mache yap fer dilatoua moise jeancharles fermin djole... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, my family count on you and i too you will be the next president that was you destiny, this is a legend i really want you to write me back my name is Moise Sybelclelia i am mixt with the Percy and Dacius family who from the... more »

CIA Lavalas and CIA Duvalierists Inflitrate Martelly's Government

The Haitian government needs to know who are getting paid by the US CIA to divide the country like that. We need to have a law controlling those NGOs in Haiti because most of them are being funded by CIA to divide Haitians. They are everywhere in... more »

Guy Philippe Rallies Soldiers In The Central plateau. Anyone? I am trying to reach Commander Moise,he is the one in charge. more »

Le Docteur René Charles décoré de l'Ordre National Honneur et Mérite au Grade de Grand-Croix Plaque Argent par le Président de la République

Port-au-Prince, vendredi 14 Novembre 2014 : Le Président de la République, Son Excellence Monsieur Michel Joseph Martelly, a décoré de l'Ordre National Honneur et Mérite au Grade de Grand-Croix Plaque Argent, le... more »

Le Président de la République à Carrefour à l'occasion de la Saint Charles

Le Président de la République à Carrefour à l'occasion de la Saint Charles · 10 bourses d'études octroyées à des jeunes de la commune · Le Président invite la population à garder son calme en... more »

RE: Zachee Charles! Media of Haiti...

Although no one doubts the potential of mass media such as newspapers,radio stations or TV to be a tool for the new reconstruction of Haiti,the media industry on the Republic is beset by many problems.Acces is one,as many people still live in rural... more »

RE: Michel Martelly's Triple Nationality In Question By Senator M. Jean-Charles

Toulimen, Maybe if you only took a minute to understand my message you'll probably got it correct. I never said anything about the percentage of what make you an Haitian. Am only giving a fact about anyone's life origin rather haitian or someone... more »

Happy Birthday president Martelly!

Bonne fete Mr le president,je vous souhaite une sante robuste.Et que Dieu vous donne la foi d'Abraham,la gloire de Joseph,la patience de Moise,le courage de David,la sagesse de Salomon,la richesse de Jacob,et enfin la fidelite de Job face a... more »

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