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Two years Of President Martelly, Very good job so far

President Martelly is doing very good so far. We are very satisfied with all you have done in the reconstruction of Haiti. We know it is not an easy task since money is not always available to accomplish the task. I wish they build an airport in... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, First, I want to congratulate the CEP and the International Community for respecting the most popular vote and showing that the people of Haiti are ready to live in a Democratic system. Now I am asking all Haitians to see... more »

Able and ready to help with Haiti's Reconstruction

We want to felicitate you, and we want to join in the efforts to rebuild Haiti. Haitian Economic Leverage Project LLC. can help bring the outlined projects to completion. We can provide expertise in School construction Primary School, Elementary... more »

citee Anacaona

la citee ANACAONA vous attend pour la reconstruction. la rouyonne, le marche, les routes, l'usine sucriere de d'arbonne etc... si yap bare la route pou blokew arreter yo se antinationaliste yo ye juger yo sak rete la boule la avec les groupes de... more »

RE: Les Dossieres de Bernard Honorat Gousse

Those linnks will give additional information on the assassin Bernard Gousse. He and his family should be fair game in Port-au-Prince streets. He must pay dearly for his crimes. more »

energie renouvelable formation des jeunes

Felicitation M.le President, moin kontan anpil ke koniea Haiti gin yon Presidant elue.Map viv depis logtemps en Almagne moin se yon expert nan dpomaine energie renouvelable(solaire,biomasse,eolienne et otre)moin ta rinmin bay konaisasmoin a jenesse... more »

Mr Martelly's plan to rebuild the army !

If that army is to provide safety and security to the population I would be very much in favour. The tourists, the numerous "ex-pats" who live abroad would welcome the chance to return to the homeland which would bring much needed cash that... more »

President Martelly: Petrocaribe finance 94% of Haiti public investment projects

Haiti president Martelly admitted that 94% of public investment in Haiti are financed by Petrocaribe, aid from Venezuela. "The majority of reconstruction projects such as roads, housing, hospitals, squares and public buildings, currently... more »

une idee pour la participation de toute classe en Haiti

mr le president...etant que yon ansyen artiste li ta important si tout fwa ou te renkontre avec les artistes haitiens de toutes tendances pour inviter chacun d'eux a prendre part dans la reconstruction d'Haiti d'une moyen ou d'une autre....paske le... more »

haiti la pearl des antilles

good job mr president but more need to be done especially one receiving donation on behalf of the children of haiti all non profit must be stricter and full disclosure regarding reconstruction haiti meed to be first redesigned have good zoning... more »

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