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Port-au-Prince, le lundi 24 Octobre 2011: Le Président de la République, S.E.M. Michel Joseph MARTELLY, accompagné du Premier Ministre Garry CONILLE, a participé, ce lundi 24 Octobre, à la cérémonie officielle... more »

RE: Diapora to help Haiti

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RE: Michel Martelly's Triple Nationality In Question By Senator M. Jean-Charles

Don't be too passionate about Haitian politics and nothing will change for real in Haiti. With Martelly, a non politician, Haiti can move a little bit forward. We will see a few things accomplished because the Haitian elites are helping him. Haiti... more »

What a shame? What a shame..millions of kickback

Martelly: 2.5millions Manigat: 250.000 Haiti : 0000 I have never lost confidence that Haiti will see some better days. I always remain optimistic even when others have given up and when I read this "alledged" kickback worth millions of... more »

RE: Haitian Vitamin-News 16 October 2011

This is the balance of the news part-A ◙► Preval Asked To Return National Palace Spare Keys-> Several administration officials have expressed dissatisfaction with the ways in which Preval has overused... more »


LE PRÉSIDENT MARTELLY VISITE LE DÉPARTEMENT DU CENTRE, Y FAIT DES HEUREUX ET INAUGURENT DEUX H"TELS MUNICIPAUX. Port-au-Prince, le mercredi 28 décembre 2011. Le Président de la République, S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly, a effectué une... more »

RE: PHOTO: Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Evans Paul at Marriott Hotel Inauguration

Mwn vreman apresye sa mesye c konsa nou dwe viv menm kan mwn t nan pouvwa a mwn vinn rive pedi pozisyon wan sa padi pou'm pa ka reyini sa padi pou'm pa ka kontinye viv nan tet ansanm,bravo PM Paul e osi ansyen PM Lamothe mwn renmen we sa moun ki... more »

RE: Martelly Private Jet is Equiped with top Secret Weather Modification device

Gregory Mayard,Aristide don't like competition,Preval have more rooms to tolerate competition. Aristide gives us good deal with the snow white stuff and preval supply us with the ganja "marijuana". more »

President Martelly - Visite d'évaluation des travaux d'infrastructure Aéroport International Toussaint Louverture

President Michel Martelly, a effectué, ce mercredi 21 Mai, une visite à l'Aéroport International Toussaint Louverture pour évaluer les travaux de réhabilitation en cours depuis l'été 2012. (resource... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 05 December 2011-Part-A-2 An issue of Image problems

A serious issue or even a crisis of Image problem. ☺☻I was wondering why Michel Martelly and his delegation does not show up in most newspapers in Latin America and elsewhere. Take a look on how the delegation that accompanied Michel... more »