Haiti should build three airports in the North, three in the...

John Silvio - February 8 2015, 9:07 PM

Haiti should build three airports in the North, three in the South, three in the West and the East to decentralize Port au Prince and to develop tourism in every department.

Haiti should build hotels, assisted living residences in every department for tourists to come to relax under the sun during the winter.

Haiti needs three seaports in every department and a wharf in every town to develop commerce in all departments to decongestion Port au Prince.

Create jobs in all departments to decentralize Port au Prince.

Every district needs a car dealer in Haiti for the Haitian people to learn to drive and get a driver license.

Haiti needs a minimum wage of $2 an hour so the Haitian people get out of poverty and pay taxes so Haiti can rebuild the country and create more jobs in every department.

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