Where are the Free Schools, Where are the Houses You Promised

Action Payizanne - May 18 2011, 9:22 AM

Mouche Martelly, today is May 18 2011 Haitian flag day if you don't know. Today is day # 4 out of the 1827 days that you were elected to run the country.

You have accomplished nothing yet to change the miseries in Haiti except that you have been hanging out with the mulattoes in Petion-Ville.

You and your entourage continues to have good time since May 14th 2011.
I am still living in precarious conditions under a Preval's tent.
You must give us a weekly report regarding you progress in changing our misery.

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Richelle says...

Ou fout fou ou!ou nan mizer dpi ti concom ak beregenn president sou presiden pase ou toujou ap pase mize.Its only five days you start talking shit to michel se michel kite mete w amba mizer se preval pou te di kk sa yo. more »

Jacqy Joseph says...

You are crazy, are you kidding me? You don't make no sense,you hate the President so much you can't even wait to criticize him. I can't tell you straight up, you are one of the few that awaiting for his fall. Listen to the message of the flag day more »