Horoscope for Guy Phillipe

Klavier Aka-100 - May 19 2011, 10:32 PM

Guy be careful between May 24th 2011 through June. Do not sleep in the same location.

it will be best for you to stay in a location shielded with metal.

Do not use any phone.

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Duvalierist De 1ere Heure says...

It appears that some so called friends of Mr. Phillipe and his former friends considers him as a potential menace because of his past actions. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Duvalierist De 1ere heure, I am an amnesia patient from no where,please can you tell me! what Guy Phillipe did Wrong in the past? Because for some reasons and deep feelings i think he did a great job in the past. more »

Barber De Seville says...

I signed papers to send you to a nursing home for your selective amnesia. more »

Anacaona says...

Sorry, what are you saying more »