Michel Martely I have a lot of thing to say

Patrick - May 20 2011, 6:26 PM

Michel Martely I have a lot of thing to say,

I whoud like you fix this problem as soon as possible.

You travel in the big country, you will know what I am talking about.

They made the road side properly in carrefour Diquini, I saw two problems there: they removed the cover for the drainage and leave a very deep hole smelling and nasty everywhere on the street and never replace it, and I see that everywhere in Haiti; it's not Professional, a lot of people worked in the drainage and the raod in carrefour they don't put any cover on the drainage and no protection; in a night, I left the seventh day Adventist church at Morija in the night after they pretend finish the the road side, it was raining in this night, The water flood like a big river about 4 fits there.

I haven't seen a mess like that in Canada-US;

The left road side and right side make for people to walk, and for people who push children on stroller and a special road should make for bicycle, it's not for people to sell foods, build a reasonable for them to stay and move all of them out. For the road side;
It's better you give this contract to US-Canada's or a country who is very qualify to do that job. The last point for now, a lot of headache in the banks: yellow and black people with big money don't stand in the line they just go straight inside the bank and left the the poor in the lend like stupid, this is corruption and a mess. In Canada, whatever President have to stand in the lend like every body. This corruption is everywhere in Haiti, you have to change all of them direction and put undercover you pay well and you give credit to watch the thieves.

Good luck and God bless you.

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