Men ampil chay pa lou

Sandra Beldor - June 13 2011, 8:27 PM

Mr President
I travel to Haiti about twice a year for medical mission and also to visit Family.

I am well aware of the delabitating status of the healthcare system there.

The earthquake aggravated things but as we all know the problems existed prior to Jan 12, 2010.
There are many problems to resolve but all can not be fixed at once. My focus is how to reduce the amount of trash that is in the streets of any given city in Haiti presently.

My old deceased grandmother told me once upon a time that if you want someone to understand a game you make that person part of the team.
I suggest that a small town or neighborhood in the surroundings of PAP be chosen as a model.For example "Carrefour Feuille" there is a new Market place.

Create a trash pick up program with the inhabitants of that area
1) Designate an area of trash collection
2) Designate trash bag distribution center ( may be a commissariat or Church office)
3) Distribute 3 bags per person a week and issue a voucher or card to him or her. Punch a hole in the card when bags of trash are delivered to Collection center
4) The bags should be return filled with trash picked up from the community for a small compensation 40 gourdes per bag( so many are not working that would help their pockets).

The bags should be return to #1 --Collection center
5) Sanitation division can pick trash from collection center to designated landfill
6) raise awareness via media about relationship between dirtiness and public health.

Try this in one community and see how it works.

Consider it a Pilot Study.

If it works, the other communities will proudly join. Publish the accolades for everyone to see and be proud of the end result.

We Have to get rid of the trash before we can promote tourism
Try this, people will be fighting to pick up Trash

Posted by Sandra on 6/13/11 5:49 PM

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