Free education for the haitian children

Dumas Lafleur - June 21 2011, 6:19 PM

I am 56 years old and I remember when education was free in Haiti.

I am a product of free education.

From Republique du Paraguay Elementary School to Lycee Toussaint Louverture, all my parents spent for my school fee was $3 Haitian dollars a year. For this fee, the elementary school gave me about 12 notebooks, pens, pencils, ruler and even ink for the whole year. Now, as a Pastor/Social Worker/Educator, I have good faith in the education program of our president, His Excellency Michel Martelly.

I am 5000% sure it will be a success.

Dumas Lafleur, BSW

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

For what i see with what's going on now this minute in Haiti! It will be more easy for the President to supply the Haitian children with automatic rifles and mariguana joint until they reach 18 years old. Wake up Haitians!!!!!!!!! Don't you F more »