I cannot call you stupid because I understand the anatomy and...

Agent-x - July 4 2011, 6:59 PM

I cannot call you stupid because I understand the anatomy and the functioning of your brain.

1-your baboonic genes preclude a sophisticated neurons network for you. Thus, you are limited to four letter words, vulgarities and concrete actions in the immediate.

You have no concept of the past and future.

You cannot recognize yourself in front of a mirror.

2- Your N stage syphilis disease exacerbates your first condition.

Consequently, it would be easier for a dog or a cat to earn a PhD in political science before you could understand the rudiment of politics.

Having said that, it is convenient for me to inform the other people that will read this notes that Martelly was elected by the people and he is currently working at the pleasure of the people.

Therefore, we are his boss and his superior instead of the other way around.

Response to:

Agent-x,you sound stupid by giving that order to the...


Agent-X ordered Psdt Martelly to nominate Jean Henri Ceant as 1er Minister

Agent-X just gave order to pick Jean Henri Ceant our pitit Kaille as the premier Minister because he is a family man...

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