Well, we should fight with our wit, intelligence not with our...

Grenadier A L Assault - July 18 2011, 6:17 PM

Well, we should fight with our wit, intelligence not with our stupidity and emotions.

When we retaliate, our retaliation should have spectacular psychological impact that will compel them to go out of their way to prevent mistreatment of the Haitians.

The rapport of conventional military force is not in our favor.

Even if Haiti has a military strength that was 10 times better than the Paul Eugene military force of the 1950's we will not able to confront them military.

Even if we had military parity to fight the end result might not be satisfactory.

Too many people will be killed and we will have to deal with international condemnation and diplomatic hurdles
I am a wise general in my own right.

Before you go to battle you must assess your strength and witnesses.

There is no such thing as an invincible citadel or fortification.

We have military target that are attacked in the wrong way.
We have many none conventional assets over the Dominicans such as:
1-A fair amount of Haitians speak and understand Spanish.

I said a fair amount because I cannot give the percentage.

2-About close to 1.8 million of Haitians are living in Dominican Republic but that does not means we have 1.8 million Haitian patriots there but enough to wage clandestine warfare with unconventional weapons in case of need.
3-we must have our intelligentsia in every sector of their society such as:
We should have a contingency of the best garbage man or cleaning lady or baby sitter.

We should have a contingency of the best pimp in their brothels or the best waiter or waitress in their night clubs and restaurants.

Work in their police and military force under Dominican identity.

We should have a contingency of the best car services and truck drivers
We should have a contingency of the best engineer, physicist, physician, pharmacist, psychiatrist, psychologist, dentist or teacher or teacher.

Have our anthropologists, economists, political scientists, agronomists do a thorough assessment of the strength and weakness of their society and how to manipulate that info to our advantages
In other word we must infiltrate the infrastructure of their society and have our expert in key position, in every sector and industry.

Give clandestine asylum to their most wanted and use them to our benefits.

Use their prostitutes for espionage network by given them advantage the Dom Republic cannot give them.
With such a Trojan horse we could have political power over them.

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