Should Haiti Use Sex Gender Vaccine to Control Its Population Like the G-8

Joubert - July 19 2011, 2:01 PM

Actually, the Muslim population in India suspect the Indian Government with its population control with its vaccination campaign against HPV and ovarian cancer diseases.

Muslims in India suspect sex gender vaccine, sterilization and other diseases within those so-called vaccines.

While they are vaccinating people they infect them with other diseases and sometimes they sterilize them so they cannot procreate or sometimes they transform their gender in altering their DNA chromosomes.

U.S. and Canada are in the front line in using those stuffs to keep their population under control.

Should Haiti alter people's chromosomes to decrease its population by transforming them into homosexuals?

Should they sterilize them to prevent them from procreating?

Should they use genetic diseases on them to reduce them considerably like the African American group in the U.S. that lost 3% of its population within the last three decades?

Should they give HPV positive gene to girls under 18 and HPV negative gene to boys under 18?

Once, boys and girls engage themselves in unprotected sex they develop the HPV diseases which is a type of cancer like any other genetic diseases like herpes, chlamydia, syphillis, AIDS and HIV to name a few. AIDS is the negative coded gene result which is the disease by itself.

HIV is the positive coded gene of the AIDS disease?

Bio-scientist and bio-chemist doctors are the bocors of the U.S. society and they are aimed to discriminate minorities in creating more jobs for the majority.

Haiti is a poor country because it is not aimed at discriminating its population to create more jobs like the G-8 countries.

What are your inputs in the above topic?

How much do you know about biopower and bio-chemistry sciences?

Should Haiti opt for such an evil path using discriminatory tools to create more jobs for its citizens?

What are your inputs?

Let's take only homosexuality as a discriminatory tool to control both U.S. and Canada's societies' populations to see if that creates jobs:

1. The Sex Gender Vaccine as created by bio-scientists generate a lot of jobs
2. Hospital Bio-scientists doctors got paid to use it
3. Results: Children start develop homosexual behavior after the age of 12
and they got bullied home and in school as well which will necessitate the
interventions of school counselors and biologist (jobs)
4. Debates in Congress with same sex marriage claim which create a lot of NGOs
aiming at pacifying people on that issue
5. Transexual jobs for many surgeons
6. Rape cases from pedophile gays which create a lot of jobs involving judges
police officers and a lot of prisoners.

7. Muder cases among some gay sexual offenders which involve a lot criminalogy
jobs (media, criminalogists and judges)

P.S. The sex gender vaccine alone as a discriminatory employment device can create thousands of jobs for any country like U.S. and Canada.

Should Haiti use it?

Now, you can understand why we don't have jobs in Haiti.

Our society is not aimed at discriminating people.

Should it go on that path?

What are your inputs?

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Toulimen says...

Haiti should never go on the path of evilness and we will not have confused and disoriented people living among us believing that they were born in the wrong bodies. Rather Haiti should get all its vaccines retested in Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I smell troubles ahead of us with those powerful countries witch are well advance and wicked as well. Only educations,knowledges,a well balance Haitian society can change,prevent such disaster yet to come. They have the technologies,they are wicke more »

Copa says...

Do you know that your friend Jean Pierre Alexander is a certified and licensed Massissi by the State of Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey,and Nevada. He distributing AIDS free of charge in the land of the brave and the free. Health Departm more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Copas,the day i F*U*C*K Y*O*U you will be happy for the rest of your life. Not only i am licenced,but i am out of the closet too,meaning i am not hiding like the rest of you Haitian men. Your wife "Copas" find that you F U C K her like (a sissi more »

Copas says...

I used black flag spray to get this faggot out of Martelly's closet. voluntarily denounced himself. He revealed his vice and mental defect. Now he admit that he is a makomere, malincon infected with SIDA. You are a disgrace to the Haitian people. more »

Toulimen says...

It is none of your business to judge a person because he is gay or not. I have gay friends and I respect them for who they are and they are not the cause of their gayness. You should argue your case with those bioscientists involving in the alteratio more »

Copas says...

Tout ce qui se ressemble s'assemble. C'est pourquoi vous le Defender. C'est la solidarite qui existe entre les macissis et cela trancend les races,les couches sociales et les frontiers. C'est le groupe le plus,vicieux et dangereux sur cette pla more »

Toulimen says...

Vous avez du temps pour accuser des gens mais de ma part je prendrai jamais aucun parti pris a ces choses. Il faut apprendre a discuter idees au lieu de lancer des attaques personelles contre les autres. Vous etes un tonneau vide faisant beaucoup de more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Copas,i would like to dress you in a nice set of fetish leather with a nice pink pantyhose,i prefer the brand Victoria secrets and nice pair of hills in your feet. Grabs your balls from behind and bend you over for the real business. I am sure you more »

Copas says...

Vos ad hominem attaques sont fendus de d more »