Haiti should never go on the path of evilness and we will not...

Toulimen - July 19 2011, 2:32 PM

Haiti should never go on the path of evilness and we will not have confused and disoriented people living among us believing that they were born in the wrong bodies.

Rather Haiti should get all its vaccines retested in Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea and Brazil to name a few to detect sterilization and DNA's alteration as you have mentioned it. We know that homosexuality is cultural and it was a vice in the ancient times very different as of today's date as transformed into real lifestyles by world bioscientists.

We should shield our society by retesting any medicines coming from the G-8 countries to prevent the spread of their homosexuality lifestyles among us.

Haiti should never go on that path. In the next 20 years, we should brace ourselves to cope with the new young homosexual generation among us as a results of those NGOs' practices and the Red Cross activities in the country.

We should not let those countries export their homosexual lifestyles to us.We should solve our own discrimination in Haiti but we will not bring new forms of discrimination to discriminate others.

Our society is unique and it does not need to be like U.S. Haitian-Americans with altered chromosomes from the G-8 countries should find a way to restore their chromosomes DNA if they want to live among us. Those in Haiti who are practicing homosexuality as a vice to occupy certain functions should be counseled and advised to seek the good path of GOD and remember this: We will not sell our souls for foods, money and jobs!


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