Family Reunification For Jean-Claude and Michele Bennett

Joubert - July 19 2011, 8:24 PM

Michele Bennet just wrote Martelly to permit her to return to Haiti so her children could visit their father and enjoy life with him. As Michele explains it in her letter that Duvalier is very ill and can die any time soon therefore having his children near to him could be a greater source of comfort for him. Do you think Martelly will allow her the right to return?

Boyer did not allow Marie Louise Christophe in 1834 the right to return with her two daughters.

The latter died in Pisa in Itally.

Should Martelly allow Michele Bennett the right to return to Haiti and why should he do that?

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Toulimen says...

Joubert, Michelle Bennett can return any time she wants and she does not need Martelly's blessings to do so ok. Marie Louise Christophe as a defeated Haitian Queen with the death suicide of her husband King Henry Christophe I died in exile because s more »

Copas says...

Bennet should be arrested right at the International Toussaint Louverture Airport, or at the Haitiano-Dominican border or at any maritime port she choose to show up because she gave order to a tonton macoute to insert a hot iron into the vagina of a more »