The Original Name of Haiti Should Be Restored As AYITI and not Haiti

Toulimen - July 19 2011, 10:12 PM

HAITI means HATE Yourself or Hair Tien and that is why we keep hating each other.

AYITI is the true name meaning mountainous land i.e in french "Terre Montagneuse".

Please Martelly restore the name of Haiti as AYITI or rename it Eastern Hispaniola Democratic Republic.

AYITI or Eastern Hispaniola Republic.

Please vote or petition the government to do so. We don't want to carry the cursed French name as imposed by the Mulatto French descent Jean-Pierre Boyer or Noyer.

Vote and petition.


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Copas says...

No Hispanola name will never be the name to Haiti Most of the earthquakes contracts are from Dominican Republic via Spain because a lot of people in Preval administration have Dominican Women including Bellerive. Michel Martelly crew is no better e more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

AYITI shall be the new name of the Island. Shalom more »

Toulimen says...

We should by all means sell it to others and when people ask you where are you from you should always say Ayiti (Alliti) and not Haiti (Heyiti meaning Hate Yourself). You are Ayisyan and not Haitian period. We should write a petition to call for a na more »