Bennet should be arrested right at the International Toussaint...

Copas - July 19 2011, 10:16 PM

Bennet should be arrested right at the International Toussaint Louverture Airport, or at the Haitiano-Dominican border or at any maritime port she choose to show up because she gave order to a tonton macoute to insert a hot iron into the vagina of a young girl in Haiti.She believe the girl was dating her man.
She should receive a similar fate if she returns to Haiti.

She should be arrested for the monies she stole from the public treasury.

If she cannot pay back the money, they should put her in a transparent bulletproof cage and put her on display to tourists and to haitians.

Those that want to see her will pay a fee and the proceed will help to recuperate from the stolen monies from the Haitian treasury and to help the family of her victims.

The children of Jean Claude Duvalier have the rights to see their father and to stay in Haiti if the choose to do so because they are little innocents and committed no crimes.

Michel Bernett should dealt with her grand mother bones if she return to Haiti because she is a war criminal.

Jean Claude Duvalier was 100 times less cruel than his father.

I am asking myself now if he really should be judged for his crimes since he was a child and was forced to assume the presidency from a tyrant and jean Claude did not know any better because he was molded in an environment of crimes, human sacrifices in Bel Air, Palais National everywhere etc..


Family Reunification For Jean-Claude and Michele Bennett

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