Martelly is about to commit political suicide.

Arsene B Edme - July 20 2011, 1:48 AM

Malady ya pa gaya.
It is already a fait accomplit that Martelly will commit political suicide because he is unprepared to handle the affairs of the state.

In addition, his lack of social skills coupled with his irascible and mercurial predisposition compounded the problem.

When confronted with opposing views, he yells, lose his temper and take refuge in obscenities.

He is not a team player according to the Americans.

He is vulnerable to gypsyism and surrounded himself with outright flatters.

Those that try to give him good advices are progressively withdrawing from him because of his outbursts and inability to listen.

The question is how he will commit political suicide and how soon to say the least?

Pax Payisan will make the funeral arrangements in return for his stolen private jet.
The family already made Pre arrangement for his political funeral.

They made request not to send flowers but the want cash to be send to them. They are avoiding papers trails.

Checks, money orders, or money transfer will not be accepted.

All cash monies should be delivered by messengers under the discretion and the elaborate security procedures of the Martelly's family.

Deposit are made on fictive name by the family at those banks
In Bahamas:
Bank del Sempione
Bank of Baroda
Bank Privee Edmond Rothchild
Finter Bank
In Dominican Republic:
Banco Popular Dominicano
Banco del Progresso
Banco Promerica
Banco Cofaci
In Spain:
Banca Pueyo
Banco Gallego

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Arsene,any proof? I need prooves,you can blah blah blah all year long. Facts are important specially when the words comeing from a fag. more »