Martelly is playing game with those moron parliament...

Toulimen - July 20 2011, 4:59 PM

Martelly is playing game with those moron parliament representatives.

They are a bunch of blood suckers well paid by the conservative elites of Haiti to keep Haiti in deep poverty.

No government for Haiti means no democracy and no constitution in place at all; and then, I don't know why he thinks that he can democratically manage Haiti.

Since there is no government 45 days, he should have dissolved the parliament and called for new elections as well. He does not really understand democracy, constitution ideals, incompetence or mediocrity as you said it in your last posting.

It is time for Haitians to stop abhoring hatred, mendicity and incompetency as well. It is time for Haiti to stop exporting humans while importing tropical foods they can produce themselves.

Since Haiti means Hate Yourself, Haitians will always hate themselves to death.

I am an Ayisyan and not a Haitian.

I love myself and I love all my fellow Ayisyan brothers.

Where I came from on the Eastern side of Hispaniola Republic as called Ayiti, we love each other and we are not morons like those ones who are engaging themselves in personal attacks against others.

You and I and some other respectful bloggers are people with ideas and we don't engage ourselves in personal attacks against others.

If they can discuss ideas, they should love us otherwise they are ignorant.

Tiba, what can you do with an ignorant person if not ignoring him or her?

Tell me. Take care!


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