Agent-x is one of those Jackasses wealthy middle class in...

Joubert - July 21 2011, 3:48 PM

Agent-x is one of those Jackasses wealthy middle class in Haiti.

He is wasting Haitian resources to visit those countries in order to spy on Haitians there.

He is among the 3% of wealthiest Haitian Jackasses.

You know only a social revolution can purge Haiti to eradicate those morons.

In the U.S., you have a large elite of 20% of Americans that keep create wealth for another 70% at the exclusion of the 10% including 7% of ignorant African Americans and 3% of other minorities and Native Americans where in Haiti you have only 5% of wealthy people.

Among the 5%, only 2% of them are enjoying the lifestyles of the 20% of the U.S. elites.

One thing I know for sure, the poor in America are enjoying better lifestyles than the 3% Haitian middle class.

What a shame! We need to call for a social revolution to purge Haiti from those demonic forces which represent the oppressors of all Haitians.

Agent-x is one of them, but their days are numbered!

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You must be a CIA agent because you travel too far...


Agent-X is leaving Ouidah , Benin to go to Bahia,Brazil,South America

Wednesday, July 20,2011 08:00 P.M Benin Time.=12:00 Noon Los Angeles Time Agent-X is leaving Ouidah, Benin, West...

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All your premises and conclusion are wrong. Agent-X...

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