What is lacking in Haiti

Jean Ciceron Charlot Char - July 21 2011, 5:33 PM

The country of Haiti is a land of great perplexity.

The simplest layman makes it easy premium account from its observations.

Deficiencies are spread everywhere.

The functioning of the state suffers severely.

The implications of this strange situation on the population creates a mentality sometimes vengeful, sometimes morbid, but still detrimental to boot country.

Intellectuals are looking tirelessly on my problems of Haiti.

Their thoughts of works that fill the shelves of libraries in Haiti and abroad, but evil persists.

Efforts will con-wind relentlessly, tirelessly.

The diagnosis is no shortage of brains either.

What is lacking in truth is the glue to be used to approximate the scattered pieces of this nation ever being formed.

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Agent-x says...

Haiti is a tribal country so don't expect anything from the jackass elites who are managing it. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,what is wrong? Haiti is a tribal country? Maybe while in Benin you invoked the wrong god,yeah that's possible. To correct you,the Haitian elites are crocodiles. more »

Agent-x says...

Hey baboon A-2539, People that live in Africa are highly sophisticated and their countries are highly modernized. They have higher brain capacity than you. If you want to increase your current earning,I could made arrangement to send you to Africa more »

Jean Ciceron Charlot Char says...

Thanks for your comments, if that the best you can write. At least I know the audience I am dealing with. more »