Hey baboon A-2539, People that live in Africa are highly...

Agent-x - July 21 2011, 11:01 PM

Hey baboon A-2539, People that live in Africa are highly sophisticated and their countries are highly modernized.

They have higher brain capacity than you. If you want to increase your current earning, I could made arrangement to send you to Africa but since your brain capacity as a biped & mammals is lamentable, those guys will place you in a cage without ceremony to performs your little infra human trick to please visitors.

You could build your repertoire from the tricks you performed for Aristide during his birth day via telecasting and remote control on July 15th 2011.
I understand that you bite mks. Maria Sanchez while she was trying to put you back on the cage today.

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Agent-x,what is wrong? Haiti is a tribal country...


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The country of Haiti is a land of great perplexity. The simplest layman makes it easy premium account from its...

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