Ayiti kapab ri

Alexandra Joly - July 22 2011, 7:26 PM

I wanted to say hi to you i have know you has a singer now you are my president all I want to say to you is do not take a break because you have so much in your plate.

i don't see where you are going to start.

so many things need to change.

1) build houses: so people can feel safe

2) Tax: special people that make more money

3) Free school: to many smart children left behind, every one want to open school no one in the government can not grade the school but many children are failing

4) Job; like factories, clean the country places, mache yo, la rie chak department

5) Tourism: make place so many people can visited haiti that bring money to the country
new airport

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Lori Davis says...

Nicely said...=) I hope he reads and follows your message! more »