Martelly must pick J. B. Aristide as Premier Minister for the good of Haiti

Agent-x - July 24 2011, 7:00 PM

Our deep, deep fifth column from Martelly administration just informed us that Martelly dropped Gousse like a hot potato.

Any political equation that excludes Doctor Jean Bertrand Aristide and Lavalass party is bound to fail miserably.

Right now the Martelly administration is planning to eliminate Aristide by any means necessary.

They removed from him his basic security including his blinded vehicle.

Such plan will back-lashing on the Martelly administration and will have some irreversible dire consequences for them because "bet ki gain que pas jambe du feu." Meanwhile, we are informing every progressive group around the planet regarding the current right wing extremist cool blooded criminal machination of the Martelly administration.

We believe that Washington is behind this plan
Face to this threat, we are preparing appropriate response for those that are involving directly or indirectly no matter where they and their relatives live on this planet.

The money they are stealing now from illegal tax on phone calls and money transfers to enrich quickly themselves, families and friends will not be able to protect them from the wrath of the people.

We need a panel composed of Haitian and investigators from several country to investigate what Martelly administration have done with this illegal tax he start collecting since June 2011.

A high ranking Spanish government official informed us that Martelly never met the King of Spain.

I believe this because there is no picture that shows him and the King of Spain or even a look alike king of Spain with him.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,Aristide is the only man in Haiti with a brain? Haiti have plenty good men,women with brains and hearts to occupy that position. If the president cannot choose a good man or a good woman for that position,Haiti will be in deeper trouble, wi more »

Agent-x says...

I thought that baboon and pigs are supposed to be more intelligent than human being because they wage no war on this planet or killing each other in their clan. They cooperate for food gathering and suitable shelters. You have demonstrated that your more »

Agent-x says...

The following links are addendum the initial message-- The following links are addenddum to the : haitian-truth.o more »

Agent-x says...

We are adding addendum number three. Nou ajouter lot information supplementaire nam premier information ya. htt more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,Martelly will go down very fast,for the past few weeks i receive good facts and they are not rumors. For the sake of Haiti we need peace,the people idling patiently loaded with confusion. So far i put Martelly on my J A C K A S S wall of more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,lately your balls are growing little bigger since your return from Africa,i noticed you are bolder. Keep it up! Remember Haiti need to move forward not backward. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,what is going on here? We are adding addendum number three. Nou ajouter lot information supplementaire nam premier information ya. / more »

Andrea Bouzi-petion says...

Agent-X, I like to read your blogs because they are informative, infotainment, hilarious, deep, offbeat, and open my eyes on hidden fact like the Dominican espionage in Haiti. This time you are wrong about Michel Martelly. I saw his pictures with th more »