A Message For President Michel Martelly

Camy - April 4 2011, 7:31 PM

Dear President Martelly, congratulation my president, i love you so much, so so much much, i hope you change all the old man you were before in the same way when someone accept the Lord jesus-Christ, you must be a new creature.

take your bible, always read in the books of Proverbs, you will know how to lead our Haiti cheri.you may read too in the book of roman 13. we voted for you because we are tired with magouye, but if you do the same thing as they have done, yuo will not stay for long as you know.May God in his compassion bless you pitit gason m !! mwen renmen w anpil.

you and i are two tet kale.mwen te konnen m pa tap depanse lajan m pou granmesi, porque no estoy viviendo en Haiti,.

escuchas los consejos des los ansianos pare que tu puedas ir adelante con todo el pais.como dice el presidente Leonel Fernandez :pa lante que vamos, nosotros tambien because we are not grenn chen, nap gade deye anko. buena suerte

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