Ghost of King Henry Christophe threw rocks at Martelly

Antonio R. Echazabal - July 26 2011, 1:33 PM

Rumors have it that several people saw the ghost of Henry Christophe yelling at his soldiers to put "ti vagabon a dehors" meaning Martelly.

The ghost of Henry Christophe appears before, during and shortly after the visit of Martelly.

If the rumors are true, Martelly should seek advice from a very good and intelligent Priest before Henry Christophe kasser kou Martelly.

Before Martelly venture himself in territory incognito he should seek advice from the priest to know how to proceed.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,Henry Christophe pa't kase kou Aristid djol kochon,mwen pa kwe ke li gin pouvwa.Mateli se yon ti poul deyie manman,vale moun kap fe krim nan peyi Dayiti gro krim san mezire,san gad deyie.Kristof se te yon neg logik tande. more »