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Ronald Altieri - August 6 2011, 4:36 PM

Monsieur le President,

Sir, we are moved to believe that your political strategies are very sensible to the population's need to proceed on a peaceful and more tolerable path to our version of the democratic ideals.

my dear President, given that frame of mind one is forced to entertain the idea that at times in political warfare between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, the Judicial power must play its role as the balancing point in order to avoid confusion in the population.

For, confusion in the people's minds often forces them to give their own interpretation to political situations.

A risky interpretation that no well-meaning politician who is loved by its voters' popular vote should allow to take root.

In that view, the reintroduction of Mr. Gousse to parliament as your Prime Minister can be a wonderful and powerful strategy.

Not simply because you promised a government with Mr. Gousse as your Prime Minister to the people, but mainly because the perfect time for a showdown between the Executive and the Legislative is right before the November elections.

The legislative branch must know that that the Executive is the beneficiary of the popular vote, and that they can not just arbritrarily dismiss your choice for our people wellbeing without proof.

Reintroducing Mr. Gousse to the nation and parliament as your Prime Minister will be a 'Tet Kale' move to live in the hearts and minds of the people forever as the boldest confrontational act in our early transition to a more stable democartic system.

The whole world will take notice of your very serious efforts to bringing the rule of law and order to our society.

And, who better can wave law and order than Mr. Gousse.

The people are behind and him. Therefore, let the High Courts of Haiti decide whether the parliament have, not only the legal but also the moral right to dismiss your Prime Minister designee - Mr. Gousse - within the rule of law.

You promised Mr. Goussed to the people.


Let the people and the High Courts of Haiti make the final decision on Mr. Gousse, and not these 16 terrorists in parliament.

Let the fight begin now!

The negative decision taken on Mr. Gousse's is a decision on your promise to the people.

Please my president, do not allow parliament to enjoy a victory over your promise to the people.

Truly i tell you that they will not have the stomac for this fight, expecially with the November elections coming around.

Yes! Not all battles can be wond in a political warfare, but this battle of Mr. Gousse as your Prime Minister must be fought.


The decision taken by parliament should be looked at looked at by the High Courts of Haiti and one does not exist; well, this is the perfect time to shift the attention of the people to a vital aspect of our maturity as a nation.

Irrespective of how long it will take, that will give you time to assemble your cabinet with less of a hurry to serve the next President and our people.

This showdown will be peaceful and it will remove any confusion from the people minds.

That strategy is worth the wait of the November elections.

My dear President, make your mark in history and do not hope that history will allow you to make your mark on it.

I beg your pardon, Mr. President, if i come across a bit arrogant in my thoughts, but i assure you these thoughts were thought of in the political vibe you have brought to our politics.

After all, i just simply wanted to share my thoughts with my President.

We will, as you already know, continue to follow and give you our support in whatever path you decide to take.

In the words of Capois La Mort, "En Avant!"

With loving respect,
Ronald Altieri

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Gerard Lupni says...

It is people like you that are destroying Haiti and will cause Martelly to go to permanent exile prematurely. You like to see discord,genocide in Haiti. You have a sick mind. more »