The Absence Leadership in Haiti

Tiba - August 8 2011, 9:35 AM

Lack of Leadership in Haiti, would be an over blown statement.

Haiti Has No leadership, period! She never did and and never will.

Leadership is a foreign, and a over used fantasy statement for Haitians.

They don't seem to understand the definiton of the word nor that they care to find out either.

Corporations, agencies, companies, etc. etc...

cannot be successful nor run effectively with a leaders to provide leadership let alone a country.

Haiti will never become shit until there is a leader capable to provide leadership.

Haitians need to understand that leadership is not about somebody giving fancy speeches with big words, or someone screaming on a microphone when addressing the people, or someone engulfed with ego and arrogance, which is the perfect description of Haitian so called leaders.

Leadership! leadership! leadership! and leadership is the only hope for Haiti.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tiba,Haiti is dying slowly;Like you said no leader or leaders.Leadership is not in our dictionary and our historic book. Were is the next leader? Please,i am not talking about President or Prime-minister here. I don't know any leader in Haiti so more »