Tickets for Match Football between Martelly and haitian people are on sale

Agent-x - August 8 2011, 11:03 AM

Martelly vowed to score another goal on the Haitian people on the 14th of each month until he score 60 a zero if we let him go that far.

The football match between Martelly and the Haitian people will take place again Sunday August 14th 2011 at noon in open air at Croix des Bouquets.

It will be blackout free.
Ticket cost 20 gourdes.

Tickets are on sales at the money transfers kiosks and where they sell phone cards for the benefits of the neo Duvalierists, neo facist Haitians that are getting richer at the expenses of the sons and daughters of Dessalines who are still under the tents and continue to live in infra human conditions.

Political sport experts said that on August 14 Martelly will score his 3rd goals against the people that is to say Martelly is winning by holding up the people telephone monies, and monies transfers tete calleusement and by arresting them arbitrarily in mass in Cap Haitien and manhandled them before their release.

The scores will be 3 in favor of Martelly and zero for the people.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

(I,Agent-x did not write this rubbish. I,also believe Jean Pierre Alexandre did not write this garbage because he was busy eating his bananas inside of a secured cage somewhere secret from other animals.) Agent-x,"Satan's Agent," useless brain,g more »

Agent-x says...

I instructed Miss Maria Sanchez to take baboon A-2539 to the Martelly vs the Haitian people political match on Sunday August 14th 2011. The match will be boring because the people know its outcome. Our advanced and prudent thinkers will save the da more »