Remember he calls for the vaccination of all Haitians to...

Joubert - August 10 2011, 2:06 PM

Remember he calls for the vaccination of all Haitians to enrich America with their bioscientific means and power.

He wants America to inflict more pain and diseases to Haitian people so they can get vaccination.

He wants America to keep the Haitian population under control so they can be reduced in great numbers.

He wants to have sex gender vaccine to be administered into our hopitals by white bioscientists to transform Haitians into bisexual, gay and lesbian.

He wants sterilization to have unfertilized women among the poor. He wants all those American genetic diseases aimed at decimating the black population of the world and in America to be given to Haitians just to create jobs. He is ready to sell Haiti to become president so Stanley Lucas means a sold-out Haitian and a pariah as well. Let's not talk about a pariah who would bring more misery to the Haitian people.

We don't want him period!


Who is Stanley Lucas?

Who is Stanley Lucas? Those who don't know what this traitor stand for start doing research about him. He is the most...

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This is a total lie. I followed that conversation on...

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