This is a 10-4 Toulimin. "Sa se claire tan kou dlo kokoye....

Agent-x - August 10 2011, 11:10 PM

This is a 10-4 Toulimin.

"Sa se claire tan kou dlo kokoye."
You are telling me to consult the Greek calendar to find out when my chickens will grow teeth so I will bring them to you as their dentist.

Meanwhile, I am assigning to you a five stars★★★★★ reward as the best B.S'er of the year on Martelly blog and on the Hall of Shame until you provide the proof about Dessalines congenital albinos' story.

The computer key board should not be used as an instrument to disseminate factual knowledge rather than an instrument to generate logorrhea, verbal masturbation, and misrepresentation of facts through literary fiction or as a means for the false revision of history.

★★★★★ for Toulimin as the the B.S

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My source for this info will be in my book for...


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