Jeanette Metayer, please don't say that again, we love...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - August 15 2011, 2:38 PM

Jeanette Metayer, please don't say that again, we love Aristide to death.

He is our hero, he put Haiti on the map after us "the Duvalierist"departed or dies under pelebrin :).

He is clean of crimes, he is a saint matter of fact he is the Messiah, after our departure"the Duvalierist"he created jobs by having more investors in Haiti from Colombia"the Medellin cartel connection to supplies Haiti with the best brand of white flours for the Haitian A S S H O L E S.
Under Duvalier Haitians ates rocks because of famines, thanks to Aristide we ates mud cakes with style.

He claimed the flour from the great plains of Canada and US are not good for the Haitian people health.

Aristide was the best for Haiti, he even sacrfices his good nights sleep to baptized newborns babies that even or never had a chance to see their mother's eyes or the smells from the breeze of the mountain tops.
Aristide is so pure i would give my own life to save him from his ennemies.

I would like to catch a bullet with my own teeth to save him from his ennemies.

Our kids gets perfect education and milk to drink under his presidency, the streets were clean under his leadership, he even make Papa doc look like a pig by well taking care of Haiti.

Under Aristide Haitians works days and nights in the streets without worries.

Women walks at nights with no fear.
We should ask God to bring back Aristide in our Palace to rule the country ounce more.

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