President Martelly Must Eliminate These Senators.

Rev.dr. Rivel Dumaine - August 19 2011, 8:50 AM

These Senators are anti -Haitian, Progress, Development; therefore, must be eliminated and revoked by the Haitian People.

President Martelly must move forward with Haiti and the Haitian people.

These Senators have been lead the country for many years with lavalas, inite, and espoir.

Haiti needs to have a chance to change the image ot its people not tomorrow but now and now without compromise.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Dr.Dumaine,with violence or no violence? If you thing those guys will take a nice walk out,think again. As long Aristide/preval are in the country,still alive somewhere else they will be no peace and forward for Haiti. It's my opinion. more »