Free Education Good Idea!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine Pastor - August 19 2011, 8:09 PM

A man who chooses to die for a man is denigrated himself, but a man who chooses to die for his people and the nation must be the hero among God's creation.

Now, President Martelly must do something to get the country moving forward to raise the standard of Haitian people across the globe.

Him alone cannot do it, but with all of us one voice it is possible to liberate Haiti.

Supporting any Good Haitian Leader is the duty of every Haitian citizen, but forgetting the nation to elevate a one man is a forbidden sin.

Six months ago, The Rev. statement should be the beginning of the main idea, today it is the developing ideas; in the next five years hoping to be alive will be the conclusion of this chapter.

Education must be for all Haitian that will eventually liberate and set Haiti free from all poverty.

The President has a really good idea, so he could help Haitian.

The focus point, any civilized people will not center the speech on one man or leader, but will focus on the nation and the people.

I am not a judge, but a counselor willing to help people free of certain stigma and unethical thought.

I am faithful brother for my brothers and sisters in the cause to free Haiti from Haitians bad leadership.

Why people hate pastor pretending that they must not get involved in the lives of their nations?

Haitian people don't have any problem with pastors, but those who want to sell Haiti with devil always blame pastors.

Pastors never hold the office of presidency in Haiti, so Pastors so far cannot carry the atrocities of the failure during the past fifty years.

My people, I love you forever.

President Martelly keep up the good fight it is not easy, but you can make change happened.

Opened our heart to love one another, and we must see the difference.


Rev. Dr. Rivel D

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