Shipping to Haiti

Ronald Altieri - August 22 2011, 1:00 PM


I hope that all is well with you and your family as you glance over these words of my thoughts.

It is true that we do not have have our own ships and planes to pick up items from the diaspora and deliver to our many ports in Haiti, by which our family and friends can pick items that we would like to send to them.
But what is true is that the next government can look into an initiative by which it would be easier for items to be shipped and delivered to Haiti.

Also in the mind of many in the diaspora is the idea of voting in our politics.

That is a serious issue for those of us who want to play a role in future of who will represent Haiti as its political figure and mind.
Clearly, as part of the dual-citenzenship that is being adopted, it would of paramount importance for the diaspora to know when and how they will be able to vote in coming elections; at least at the Presidential and Parliament levels.

Your movement is the begining of Haiti's rebirth, and for it to take root and and hold to give its due fruit the diaspora needs to be able to vote in at least the levels mentioned above.

We, in the diaspora, can not leave Haiti to those backward thinkers with no vision beyond their twisted going nowhere backward minds; we have already seen what they can do.
Upward and forward Haiti will go with our vote.

God Bless Haiti,
Ronald Altieri

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