Martelly be a man get rid of minista

Richelle - August 23 2011, 8:35 PM

I can't stand minista what's so difficult for martelly to say thanks but no thanks to minista owner.The same way you used to be a bandit ap ouvri trou-mouda w sou moun.Now martelly you need to be the same bandit say it is time for minista to go back to wherever they came from. I supported you because you are a bandi but a good one so do not make me regret it please.

No reason for them to be still in Haiti, you are the President I assume don't be like kk preval you know what I mean.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Richelle,you are not alone on this situation,the fustration i believe is for all Haitians. Aristide put us into bondage with this crap United Nations useless sons of B I T C H E S. If Martelly cannot built the forces to protect ourselves,we need to more »