Germaine, you have brought good ideas to this discussion, but...

Toulimen Legrand - August 26 2011, 3:34 PM

Germaine, you have brought good ideas to this discussion, but at the same time you have destroyed your strong ideas by comparing Stanley to the Haitian Forefathers.

This guy is very far to be compared as any of our Founding Fathers.

Stanley may be a honest person and well qualified to lead Haiti in the days ahead, but his acquaintances with those liberal Americans will disqualify him to lead Haiti in the future.

He needs to separate himself from those corrupted people who think cultural values of any country are worthless and only their American values count.

Lucas will transform Haiti into a progressive society with no fixed laws and again he will accept all types of discrimination against the Haitian people because he is a naturalized American himself.

He will sign contracts with bio-scientist Americans to be in Haiti if they are not already there to inflict more diseases to the Haitian people like they have done it to the African American communities in the U.S. He will accept those bio-scientists to transfer male traits to females and vice versa to better society according to his views.

He will accept vaccines to change Haitians' DNA and RNA to transform them into gays for more jobs because he has no culture.

Our Haitian elites, although we may hate them, will never accept those types of discrimination against our people and that is why the U.S. elites call them the Most Repugnant Elites of the world.

In fact, they are not that repugnant for preserving the Haitian blood and our ethnic group as being part of the black race. Germaine, we must be ourselves and we should fight against those types of racial discriminations against humans.

Stanley cannot fight them and he is ready to lick their shoes to become the next president of Haiti and our elites will never want a person like him to lead Haiti.

Any traitors or conspirators against the Haitian people will not be welcome in Haiti.

American bio-scientists believe to be God in transforming and shaping people's lives around the globe, but Haiti's elites will stop them. They are destroying the black families with genetic diseases, chromosomes' alterations and modified human traits under their natural selection process as prescribed by the most human discriminator's scientist called Charles Darwin and may his soul rest in hell forever! Germaine, Stanley will not lead Haiti and that will never happen under the Haitian Elites' watch.

You may admire him but he will not lead Haiti unless the latter will be under U.S. colonization by force.

If Stanley could believe that Haitians should be vaccinated against the cholera virus to promote cholera's causes and what else he will not accept.

Cholera is a virus and it has nothing to do with Haitian's cultural practices rather it is being spread all over Haiti by the United Nations' agents, the NGOs and the Red Cross technicians.

Haitians used to live with bacteria in dirty waters for years and never got sick, but when that virus got disseminated in our rivers, wells and oceans it made the case worst for all. Stanley cannot denounce that rather he will agree with his masters to say that Haitians are dirty and they should die for their dirtiness.

We don't need a coward leader like him. We need strong leader who can defend our values and stop all white bio-scientists in their quest of destroying the black race in the world.

We say no to Stanley and we don't like him at all unless he can change himself and we don't see that in him. Long live to Haiti and Haiti will not perish.

We have a good culture and we must defend it ok. I like you Germaine, but I dislike Stanley for his cowardness in pretending to defend Haiti with his liberal white masters.

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