Voodoo moved to France Jacques Chirac has a few zombies on his closet

Agent-x - September 3 2011, 11:36 AM

Haiti is not the bastion of corruption.

When the French had Haiti as their colony, the French never considered Haiti as their permanent home. They were dishonest and stole whatever they could to enrich their family and their relatives.

The black slaves in Haiti learned from their former masters.

Consequently, the practice of siphoning as much as you could while you are in an ephemeral administrative job outlive many generations in Haiti.

The French stole in the public administration because Saint Domingue was not their country and most of them were there to enrich themselves then to return home sweet home. When Haitian officials loot the public treasury, they have no sweet home to go, except to exile that is most often than not a living hell.
Now let me go back to Chirac and his zombies.

The first time that I heard someone mentioning about "check mort" was under papa doc. When I asked for clarification, someone told me it is when people are getting pay for no show job by virtue of their connection in the government.

Lotterie National D'Haiti used to be a Mecca for such Zombies that could eat salt and enjoy their full cognitive faculties.

Jacques Chirac apparently had a division of zombies while he was working in the French government.

Now they say that he is not fit to go to court.

The French government will need the assistance of an Hougan or voodoo Priest to fix his health.

Let's hope that Martelly's Government will have our special Priest to exorcise his administration to prevent the apparition of zombies.

Thus, he will be known in history as Mr. Clean since he already received a warning since Day one from the President.


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Fabienne Rigaud says...

Agent x you don't know what are you talking about. Haiti is more corrupt than any other country in the world. What are you talking about. Women have to sleep with the Haitian official first before they will give them a job. more »