united nations must act to arrest these criminals!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine Pastor - September 5 2011, 5:30 PM

It is quite important to remind the United Nations crime is crime there must be no excuse for punishment.

Those who acted on behalf of the United Nations to commit this atrocity most be brought behind bars in the Hague in immediately, and while Nato is looking For Gaddafi; United Nations should not waste time looking for these criminals that have been theorized the Haitian Population under a so-called humanitarian-military cause.

Haitians are not stupid to accept this kind of treatment from the United Nations, and in the name of God almighty; it is very important to give answers not words.

Haitians are tired of this animosity treatment.

In this time sodomization and Gomorrah must be a capital punishment to the highest level.

Haitians needs a fire rescues from this type monstrous crime or let these perpetrators go back to their homeland and never remind Haiti in their calendar again.

Wake up! Wake up United Nations and smell the coffee.

In The United Nations Charter criminals must not be hired to work in any country around the world.


Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, Pastor

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Toulimen Legrand says...

It is also the time for the Haitian elites to stop calling United Nations to come in Haiti to rescue them as well as protecting their wealth. We have received a lot of homosexuals on our soil within the MINUSTAH to rape Haitians wherever they may be. more »

Clairep says...

Interesting message, thank you for keeping you eyes open.The world has become a dangerous place to live. Who can trust the government when their are allowing these things to take place under their eye, because some of them live a double life? The med more »