enough of "buts" and "ifs." can we really save our country?

Tiba - September 7 2011, 10:27 AM

Foreigners keep pouring in Haiti every day with a well imaginary plan to save Haiti.

As there are more so-called Non Government Organizations in Haiti better known as "NGOs," Haitian government relies totally and completely on those white people of blue and green eyes to fix up Haiti while the government and Haitians in Haiti become professional beggers.

This is one government on the planet without a checking account able to afford anything, not even a small candy bar. And Haitians in Haiti, despite their profound hatred and resentment against those living abroad, they are always on high alert waiting for the diaspora to get off the plane in P-O-P to start pulling them in all directions begging for a dollor or so. It takes these people less than 30 seconds to explain their entire life misery as they have not eaten in a month, their bothers and sisters are hungry, etc. etc...please for the love of God help us.

And those custom agents in their well ironed crisped white and black uniforms, have their business partners (cronies) working at the baggage claim, begging the diaspora for money and split all the profit with them at the end of the day. "What's the point to bring change in Haiti when you can make a comfortable living through begging.

It's sad to say it but the reality is, begging has become the Haitian most lucrative entrepreneural endavor, ever.

Back to the St, saviors, who are the NGOs. Dispite millions of these white people pouring in Haiti daily, Haiti is still at a stand still, nothing moves and life is not getting any better.

Every passing day in Haiti is better than the day before.

Today September 7, is much worse than it was yesterday, and yesterday was worse than Monday, etc. etc...

There is no doubt in my mind and in the mind of the cave man and in the mind of monkeys doing flip-flopping on trees in African jugles that Haiti can be saved and move torward progres only by Haitians, and that's a fact.

Haitians just don't get it, and I don't think they ever will. Haitians keep using their favorite excuse "Oh, man, it's more complicated than you think" as if those complications happened by some kind of divine power, and therefore none of that can be undone.

It is what it is. Haitians have created those complications at will and Haitians need to undo by making the necessary changes so that human dignity and integrity can restore in Haitian soul.

But the $1.5 billion question is, how could Haiti be saved by its own people when in fact Haitians are the real barriers of Haiti's future?

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Toulimen Legrand says...

You said it all. With those subservient bourgeois, Haitian masses are confused and the result of their laxism creates more poverty in Haiti. Can we become again the Pearl of the Antilles? I don't think so and the subservient bourgeois will answer ye more »

Clairep says...

I enjoy reading your comments, it is true that the Government in the past has allowed Haiti to be in the position that it is in, most of all for the greed of money. Haiti has all of the God giving resources that it can use to function as an independ more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tiba,all i can say we let that happen. I agree with you but the fact still remain without a solution. What is next? We can talk all day and night matter of fact forever. We need to focus and take our country back from them. more »