With the very little primary French ability that I have, I...

Tiba - September 14 2011, 6:11 PM

With the very little primary French ability that I have, I have read this post with great interest over and over again, and I still could not make any sense of it. Is it a request to the president to creat a post of Secretary D'etat Aux Affaires Paysannesa, or is it already created and in function, or is it the tiltle of this so-called study?

I am really lost.

If there is a "Secretary D'etat Aux Affaires Paysannes" will there be also a "Secretary D'etat Aux Affaires Ubaines?"

For sometime now, Martelly's government has been running a politics of "feeling good and wishful thinking that need to stop right now. I am calling to president Martelly directly to stop insulting Haitians intelligence ans stop chastizing the Haitian people.

The people has enough problem to deal with on a daily basis to have their government to keep insulting their intelligence on top of it all.

To the president of Haiti, Joseph Martelly, please understand there are a few Haitians who understand very well this mambo jumbo psychological warfare that you are playing with us. You have going around the country promoting tourism, declaration of "day of technology" etc...

and now an agriculture crap without mention of any amount of money that your government is allocating to finance these programs whatsoever.

Mr. President "show me the money." Do you expect the people to to pay for all these programs out of their pockets?

Mr. President, if you are really serious about bringing change to Haiti and instill hope into your people's soul, you need to present some concrete and realistic programs to your people with their price tags attached to them. Tell the people where the money will be coming from.

In terms of this so-called Agriculture program that is so vital to the people and to the country, if you are really serious, you need to sit down with your advisors and your cabinet to come up with a sound program to accomplish this program.

For example, you need to come up first with a "Land Redistribution Program." You and I and everyone else know very well 65 to 75% of farm land in Haiti belong to the elite or a "patron" and not the peasants.

We all know well that majority of the peasant who walked away from farming did so because they lost their land to the elite/patron.

Many of these people have no land to go back to.

Secondly you need to tell Haitians exactly how much it's going to cost to start an agriculture program and where the money is coming from.

Thirdly, your government must work very closely with the local banks to give loans to the farmers so they can buy the equipments needed.

Fourthly, your government needs to contract with foreign companies like: Deer, Catapillar, etc...

to export their equipments to Haiti so farmers can get access to these equipments.

And finally, when all that is in place then you come up to your people and tell them exactly when the program will start and how is going to run, etc...

This model goes for all and every one of the programs you have promoted already.

Understand that ALL of these programes are strickly government programs that need real leadership to achieve/accomplish.

Please stop the nonsense because I am tired of it.




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