is class warfare necessary in haiti?

Bernadette - September 17 2011, 1:01 AM

Frankly speaking, this class warfare in Haiti is much talked about and worn-out. This ideology has always been the basis of elected officials since the birth of Haiti 207 years ago. We must move forward.

There is no country on this planet where the elite class is not the privilege class.

This song is old and should be put to rest.
This small elite versus the largely poor populace country song is the plight of most third world countries, except Haiti has a longer period membership.

Haiti needs to move on up to better pasture.

The idea of establishing an army in Haiti is elusive.

The only positive aspect of it is that it might create immediate jobs for some...

The nature of a soldier's job is to obey and to protect the privilege class no matter where they are from...After all, their salary is coming from the Government.

Government protects the highest bidder: The privilege class.

I do believe, the elite class should pay their fair share of income, sales and property taxes.

Not to do so is social irresponsibility.

Precisely, whom are we protecting ourselves against?

We can't fight super powers like U.S. and other first world countries.

We do not have the resources nor the technological know-how.
What we can do however is to create a NEW class of people.

A better Haiti cannot and will not come from the Government.

A true government can only serve its people.

Us Haitian civilians can change Haiti, however.

We can do so by actively, collectively work for the betterment of Haiti.

We can collectively demand better treatments from locals and outsiders by peaceful demonstrations, we can educate the public through the media and formal settings about democracy and its responsibilities.The democratic system is a learned entity, nobody is born with it. It can be learned, let us have faith in our people.

Let us be aware of self-interest groups who want to use our people for the sole purpose of fatten-up their wallets..

Actual organization and implementation for a better Haiti is not as visceral and immediate as finger pointing and name calling but is an important step toward a better Haiti.

Allocation of funds to heavily invest in agriculture whether the land is being leased or not for a fair and equitable price.

The agricultural program should also include funding for a solid irrigation system.

Like some of you are saying, heavy agricultural equipment is a MUST. The removal of the Tent People to permanent places is a dire pragmatic need as it is also a constant reminder of the past traumatic quake experience.

Taking into account that Haiti is working with a very limited budget and is susceptible to foreign aid whims but Haiti is also rich with human resources; Why can each and every Haitian give a few hours of his or her time a week in accordance with their skills?

Let us not wait for others to clear our streets; Let us do it ourselves.

Land as in acquisition of wealth is not what it is used to be. Today's society is more about technological and intellectual property rights.

Our hot sun can be used toward the production of solar energy for our own consumption...

How about converting salt water to clean potable water?

Our rivers and lakes cannot stay polluted forever.

Haitians abroad could help more if Haitians in Haiti were not so afraid to lose grip over whatever perceived advantage they think they have.
We need to change gears.

We need to put our heads together to move Haiti forward.

Foreigners cannot, will not solve our problems.

an nou kole zepol ak zepol pou nou sove Haiti.

The salvation of Haiti can only be done by forward thinking individuals with collective goals for the sole purpose of THE BETTERMENT OF HAITI.

This is true DESSALINIEN behavior.

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Agent-x says...

A reply from Agent-X Bernadette said: ► more »

Bernadette says...

Agent-X you took everything that I said out of context then turn it into some vulgar generality. First of all I said let us start this NEW class, referring the the middle class you have mentioned. Second: The solar energy and other new technologies more »

Agent-x says...

Bernadette, I like your initial article as well as your reply. I reply to the points that I disagreed. Disregard my approaches methods or devices that usually include hyperbole, semiotics, allegory, euphemism, humor, farce, pun, caricatures comic re more »

Kamoken says...

Hello Bernadette and Agent X This topic of Class warfare is of too great importance for it to be trivialize. Both of you have exhibited tremendous insight into it and it is best to keep it floating with class... Social responsibility? Bernadette more »

Bernadette says...

Kamoken, Thank you for your thoughts on such a serious topic as this one. We Haitians have a lot of work to do on this subject. Social responsibility has always been a sore point with the wealthy. Look, Obama had to lobby for heavier taxation for any more »

Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Hello Agent X and Bernadette Bernadette, I do not know if you have had a chance to live in any of those so called socialist countries as they are being called in the other side of the Atlantic (I am assuming that where you are now). Here in Scandi more »

Bernadette says...

X and K, "down play" this topic was not my intention, sorry you have taken it that way. I am almost ashamed to admit that I don't know first hand the tribe? or color? dynamic between "neg guinin, bossale, des-dunnes etc.,. Remember I left Haiti a more »

Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

Bernadette, one thing I know for sure,when a majority of a nation doesn't know or have a clue of who Jesus Christ is really is,than of course we become a lost nation, unless we learn to renew our mindset.We have all kind's of problem in my country, more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x says, [If a A nuclear exchange or an unusual solar flare occurs, that would generate strong electromagnetic pulses that might put the modern world on its knees. Cars, airplanes, boats, telephones, Kindles, Nooks, radios, TV, watches, hosp more »

Agent-x says...

Why it takes you five hundred years to tackle possible alternatives and solutions for this hypothetical scenario. Unfortunately,the transistors electrical conductors in your car will not function. The transistors will fry and the electrical cables or more »