Agent-X you took everything that I said out of context then...

Bernadette - September 17 2011, 5:31 PM

Agent-X you took everything that I said out of context then turn it into some vulgar generality.

First of all I said let us start this NEW class, referring the the middle class you have mentioned.

Second: The solar energy and other new technologies, again were references to new technologies that need to be perfected and give us an entry level entrance to them so that WE could get in on ground zero like everybody else. The point was that we would not need to COPY but CREATE as any new scientists would.

That opportunity is wide open....

Third: Again you misunderstood my point: on land acquisition - This supposedly fresh new class would have better fish to fry and would not need to rely on old issues so that we can stop beating on a dead horse.

Fourth: Land is vital to our existence, land is a utility service as urban sprawl is becoming more of a social problems.

I.e. 3 acres of land for 125k.
use the same 125K toward the development of a new concept that you can franchise to the public and still keep the intellectual and property rights to millions of people, now do you see, where I was coming from?

My point was to move forward instead of backward.

Wealthy people as they are more transient globally are not preoccupied with land acquisition per se but might want to add some strategic acres to their investment portfolio for flipping purposes.

Haiti is basically an agrarian society.

That is why I said land for the purpose of agriculture could be leased for a fair an equitable price.

surprising you left this one out. Revenge is not what we should be after at this stage of the game in Haitian History.

We could choose another course of history.

Looking for solutions to our problems instead of rehashing old ones.
Agent-X, I can reassure you that I don't own any land in Haiti nor do I have a desire to. Land to me is like any other commodity, it is to be used and then pass along at proper time for the benefit of others.

Yes, I am a mulatto female and grew-up with proper social and environmental awareness about my country and my people inclusive of everybody contrary to what you might think.

I doubt very much that you know my family, you see, we had to escape the Duvalierist regime in the mid sixties, that unfortunately robbed me of my right to grow-up in my country.

I don't have the need to exclude you from anything in order to feel Haitian.

Too bad you did not pick-up on my idea to get together inclusive of all Haitians in order to do something positive for our Country.

Let us leave Haiti divided behind.

Let us embrace Haiti united, instead.

"L'Union fait la force": Let us give it a try for real this time.

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