X and K, "down play" this topic was not my intention, sorry...

Bernadette - September 19 2011, 8:45 PM

X and K, "down play" this topic was not my intention, sorry you have taken it that way. I am almost ashamed to admit that I don't know first hand the tribe?

or color?

dynamic between "neg guinin, bossale, des-dunnes etc.,.

Remember I left Haiti as a child, lead a pretty sheltered life even then. Your personal experiences may vary pretty much from mine. I had the feeling it existed but did not experience it fist hand. I shared my personal experiences with you. Why can't you share yours with me?

I really would like to know about your side.
K, you mentioned the trial and tribulations of Dessalines with "Neg Des-Dunnes", can you recommend a book?

I will be grateful.

No guys, we don't have a middle class per se in Haiti.

That was the whole point of my arguments.

We NEED to CREATE one. A solid middle class is Haiti's only salvation.

A large middle class with Haiti's values, Haiti's cultural norm would down play the color line and social norm imported from Africa to Haiti a great deal.
I will say the same thing that I said to non-Haitian blogs and non-Haitian media to people of color around the Globe about the topic of skin bleaching, hair straightening, hair extensions etc., etc.that they are just the symptoms not the problem.

EDUCATION is the problem.

If people feel that they can compete with others on their own term for economic gains (a Job) or reproduction (marriage), then black girls would not have had gone to the extent that they do to survive in a Euro-centric world.When Black men understand that there is no need to have kids with lighter skinned sisters in order to ensure their kids a better future.That Black is Beautiful is just not a slogan.

That dark skinned girls are just as pretty as the light skinned ones.
Education helps in understanding the self and its history, in turn fosters self-esteem.Education is the KEY.
Yes, if we were not so selfish, we would have included the Haitian Diaspora as Haiti's middle class; Things would have been a lot smoother...

Perhaps, we should do a better job at educating our brothers and sisters in Haiti that we are not their enemies.

We too want to participate in Haiti's problem solving.

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Hello Agent X and Bernadette Bernadette, I do not...



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