What does it mean to be Honest?

Rev.dr. Rivel Dumaine Pastor - September 21 2011, 9:31 AM

To be honest is to tell the truth all the time with impartiality.

To be honest is to stand in the court of law and swear what is going to say is the truth and only the truth.

To be Honest is to be able to stand in the court of law against your own friend, Mom, and Dad to say there are guilty.

To be Honest is to defend the people of God not a false prophet with a philosophy of me only. Honest person is someone that can state the thought of his or her mind with neither influence nor fear of been called traitor, nor unfriendly.

There three kind of Honest persons.

#1 One who represents God and the word of God chosen to live, die, and resurrect with the truth.

#2 One who represents a nation, his people and has moral and humanitarian cause to do so this is a call for all men and women in this planet earth to end over.

#3 One who represents the devil and Satan stands on lies and false speech to deceive people.

His name is deceiver, lair, great lair, wreaked and this is pretentious person.

Starting today when someone in the blog or any place tells you that he or she is honest knowing exactly who they represent for who they are.

Please don't copy and paste my ideas that is called mediocrity and lowest!

Sincerely, Man of God!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine

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