True story About Solar and wind energy. When I contacted the...

Kamoken Scandinavia - September 22 2011, 10:03 PM

True story

About Solar and wind energy.

When I contacted the University of Braunschweig of Niedersachsen, Germany and relayed the message to the then Haitian Government about the great prospect of having a pilot program of wind and solar energy even in the outskirts of Port au Prince...I was told and I am not naming names:that there was no money to be made in those Germans stuffs...Amazing but true.
That means if some of those guys can not fill their pockets-then there is no need for something that id good for the majority.

And here in Scandinavia, in the Country of Hans C. Andersen, in the city where I live-half of the electricity is wind turbines generated...

Haiti with so much sun and the right amount of wind can become great like former President Clinton just said.
Therefore I side with you Bernadette.

X, please tell me if you object

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X, tell this to all the American homes that are now...



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